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Our studio creates original beautiful designs using Glass Eye 2000 software.  After our design is created in the program, the full sized "cartoon" is printed exactly as drawn, to precise measurements, for final review.  Templates for cutting glass and building the actual panel (see below) are made from the printed pattern.


Installation of 72 sectional panels that will comprise 6 full sets of arched stained glass windows.  Multi panel window projects are carefully planned to ensure continuity of design layout.   

In September 2005, one of our designs, entitle "Protectors of the Law",  was selected as the "Design of the Month' on Dragonfly Software's website. Read about how we use "GLASS EYE 2000" to create many of the commissions we do for our clients, and possibly for you!  Click to  View our Design  and  read the story.


The completed panels.


Color pattern printed in Glasseye 2000, with individual pieces numbered (right).  The panel, with foiled glass pieces laid on top of the cartoon (left) is ready for soldering. 


Detail of lower panel showing faceted jewels and linework


Panther detail.  Iridized glass


Sometimes we sketch from real flowers and then scan the image into Glass Eye 2000.  Once the image is scanned we trace the lines to create the final pattern so that it can be reproduced. 


Gladiola Lampshade:   The gladiola design, to the left, was incorporated into a repeatable section of this lampshade.  We can also scan fabric patterns, photographs, or images that our client provides us with in order to accomodate their requests to incorporate certain elements or design details into their commission. 


We can scan your photo and design a beautiful stained glass window from the image.  Our client wanted a window of her cat "Pumpkin". We substituted the pumpkin for the flower in the final design, to totally personalize this hanging medallion.  We emailed the design to the client, for approval. (9" x 15")


Your commissioned project can be here too!


Our client requested  a new window that had a victorian feel to blend in with the style of her home.  Another request was to have several of her favorite flowers incorporated into the center oval: Pansies and Morning Glories.  Each flower represents a member of her family.  Using faceted jewels, ripple glass and hand-rolled mottled art glass, helped achieve the antique look of this panel.